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Post-operative analgesia
Session: Session 2: Routine care
Simon Courtman
In this session:
1. The preoperative visit
2. Recognising the critically ill child
3. Post-operative analgesia
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Dr Simon Courtman

I am a Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist working in the Children’s Theatres in  Plymouth. I am the clinical director for Children’s Surgical Services and also Acute Paediatric Medicine. I have a particular interest in acute paediatric pain and working with children with learning disabilities, anxiety issues and behavioural problems. I am currently president of the SW anaesthetic Network (SWACA).

I have recently been elected to the APA council and hold the post of Webmaster. I am involved in developing the ACSA process for children’s services with the RCOA. Rest of the time, I surf.

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